When you first log in to Good Measures, you’ll be able to view your existing rating. Good On You’s ratings analysts based this rating on publicly disclosed information found on your website and through other credible third party sources (eg Fashion Transparency Index, CDP, and reputable standards and certifications). 

Where practical, that information has been pre-populated for the relevant questions in Good Measures, which you can verify and update as necessary.

In certain cases, you may encounter issues where there is incomplete information showing up from your existing rating. That’s because some questions — including all where you’re asked to input percentages based on your product range — have not been pre-populated to provide you the opportunity to input more recent and precise information based on current practices and evidence.

You may also not see pre-filled information on issues or questions that have been added or updated since your brand was last rated. Good On You is constantly engaging with industry experts, stakeholders, and policy makers to ensure the methodology reflects consensus on best practice and emerging issues. This means questions may be adjusted or new issues and questions added from time to time.