Good On You’s ratings are comprehensive, considering impacts throughout the entire supply chain from raw materials to a product’s end of use. Transparency is central to the methodology, meaning brands are rated only on publicly available information across the three key pillars: people, the planet, and animals. Dive deeper into how the rating system works [PDF].


Ratings methodology

Good On You uses proprietary tech to evaluate brands solely based on publicly available information, which promotes transparency and empowers better consumer choices. The methodology assesses up to 1,000 data points across 100 key issues. Data sources include credible certifications, standards, third-party assessments, and brands’ own reporting. 

Each issue and indicator is weighted based on its materiality and relevance to the brand's sector and products. And the overall ratings are based on brands’ scores across the key pillars (people, the planet, and animals), which are weighted equally in the overall rating. (If a brand doesn’t make products that typically use animal derived materials, then that brand won’t be rated on animals and their overall score will be based on its people and planet scores, which will be equally weighted.) The ratings are updated regularly to reflect the latest information and standards.


Ratings scale

Based on the scores in each pillar, brands are assigned an overall rating on a five-point scale from "We Avoid" to "Great". This rating reflects how well the brand aligns with widely accepted best practices in the industry for fashion sustainability. The rating also helps consumers make informed choices and support brands that align with their values.

Large brands:

“Great” = 90–100

“Good” = 70–89.99

“It’s a Start” = 55–69.99

“Not Good Enough” = 15–54.99

“We Avoid” = 0–14.99

Small brands:

“Great” = 90–100

“Good” = 70–89.99

“It’s a Start” = 55–69.99

“Not Good Enough” = 0–54.99

“We Avoid” = N/A


In Good Measures

Good Measures lets you dive deep into your Good On You rating. Go to “Update Rating” in the main navigation to see how you score within the three ratings pillars (people, the planet, and animals) and the sustainability issues considered within each category. For tips on how to improve, check out “Suggestions”, where you’ll get guidance tailored to your brand’s performance.