Here’s what happens once you’ve submitted your updates for review. Rating reviews typically take 2-6 weeks. 

1. Good On You’s rating team reviews your updates 

Your updates and supporting evidence will be verified by Good On You’s expert rating team, which includes a range of subject matter experts who carefully review what you submit. 

While you wait for your rating review to be completed, you won’t be able to make further updates to your rating. You can, however, continue to access other Good Measures features such as benchmarking and service providers. 


2. Results delivered to your email 

Once Good On You has completed its review, you’ll receive an email with feedback on your updates. 

If analysts consider that an update you provided isn’t sufficiently supported by the evidence you’ve provided, or if they can’t find the relevant information at the URL you added, they will search for further public information elsewhere. And, failing that, they will notify you of the issues that can’t be included in your updated score. You’ll see any such notices in the results email after your rating review is completed.


3. Your new rating goes live on Good On You

Your rating will be updated when you have made substantial performance improvements (usually if you achieve a 5% or greater improvement to your overall score) and/or if it’s been more than twelve months since the last rating update.

If your rating qualifies for an update after review, it will be published on Good On You’s directory.