Good On You’s rating system is the most trusted in fashion, reflecting the issues consumers care about and the latest industry consensus on best practice for brand sustainability. By building on the most widely adopted methodology in the industry, Good Measures gives you a 360-degree view of how your brand currently performs and a clear framework to make progress. By improving your Good On You rating, you can access new opportunities with the leading platforms who trust Good On You’s ratings and reach the millions of conscious consumers who rely on it to make better choices. 


Comprehensively covers the supply chain

Good On You’s brand rating system [PDF] considers the most critical issues across the supply chain, incorporating credible and publicly available information to rate brands based on how well they align with best practice for sustainability in fashion. The depth of Good On You’s methodology allows brands to be fairly assessed based on their individual circumstances including key differentiators like size and product range.


Combining complex data into simple 5-point ratings

As you review your rating in Good Measures, you’ll see the depth and scope of the issues the Good On  You methodology covers. It’s designed to reflect the inherent complexity of sustainability issues and rate brands on a spectrum to properly consider the progress you’re making. The 5-point rating scale makes this complex information accessible to consumers, so brands have a clear framework to communicate their initiatives and commitments to the public and diverse stakeholders.


Developed by experts, in collaboration with the industry

Materiality is central to the Good On You methodology, which has been developed by our in-house sustainability experts in consultation with diverse industry stakeholders. That means Good Measures assesses and weights issues based on alignment with widely accepted good practice.