Each update you provide in Good Measures must be supported by publicly available evidence, ideally in the form of a URL. This should link to a your website or that of a credible source containing the relevant information about your brand (for example CDP, the Fashion Transparency Index, or a certification you hold). 

Once Good On You’s analysts have carefully reviewed your updated evidence, you’ll receive an email with the results of your rating review. This email will indicate what, if any, evidence wasn’t accepted. 

There are several possible reasons why evidence isn’t accepted including:

  • Analysts couldn’t find the relevant information at the URL you provided;
  • Further searching yielded no other public information to support your update;
  • Or the information made publicly available insufficiently supported your update;

When this happens, the results email will notify you of the submitted updates that can’t be included in your score. 

You’ll be able to review and resubmit your updates when you’re next eligible. Learn more about when you can submit again. Tip: The feedback email you receive after the rating review is complete will indicate issues where you may need to provide additional evidence to support an update—that way, you can take action to make more improvements the next time you submit.

Less commonly, your evidence might not have been accepted because there was a simple error (eg the page you linked to was temporarily unpublished). If you think this has happened, please contact us. Click “Get in touch” below this article to send us a message. You can also message us directly when you’re logged into Good Measures—just tap the help bubble “💬” in the lower right corner. Or email us at goodmeasures@goodonyou.eco.