Industry collaboration and alignment is critical to delivering strong sustainability improvements. Good On You is aware that brands suffer from reporting burden and fatigue due to the large number of stakeholders and initiatives in sustainability. Where possible, Good On You incorporates leading standards, indices, and certification systems into our methodology provided:

  1. They are robust and credible.
  2. They require publicly available information.

Good On You shares many similar indicators with Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index (FTI) such as collective bargaining negotiations and grievance mechanism. So to provide a stable framework for companies to aim for, Good On You partially derives the people score from a brand’s FTI score. 

Therefore, the higher these brands score in the FTI, the higher your Good On You people score will be. Currently 58% of the achievable people score for these brands is derived from their FTI score. Good On You then adds a number of additional indicators for the remaining 42% of the points. For a full breakdown of which issues are impacted by FTI, refer to this article.

If you are a brand not included in the FTI, you are not limited in your score and you have the same scoring potential through answering the relevant issues.